Oct 27, 2016: Airports Authority of India (AAI) has launched an air cargo and logistics subsidiary, which is projected to fetch annual turnover of Rs 380 crore in two years.

Announcing the launch of the AAI Cargo and Logistics Allied Services Company Ltd (AAICLAS), Minister of Civil Aviation exuded confidence over the prospect of India becoming a world class destination in cargo and logistics services.

Neera Rawat would be the Managing Director while B K Mehrotra would be the Chief Executive Officer of AAICLAS.

Participating at the launch ceremony, Civil Aviation Secretary R N Choubey said AAICLAS expects to have “an annual turnover of Rs 380 crore in two years time”.

The cargo department has been de-merged and corporatised into a functionally and administratively independent organization, informed Guruprasad Mohapatra, Chairman, AAI.

Mohapatra also noted that the company would enter into strategic partnerships based on business demand at airports within the country or abroad.

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