Dec 12, 2016: National carrier of Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia provides the first direct link between Indonesia and India by operating a new route from Jakarta to Mumbai starting today. The new service will be served through Bangkok three times a week by the airline’s Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Garuda Indonesia will serve the Jakarta-Mumbai route via Bangkok route on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Benny S Butarbutar, VP – Corporate Communications, Garuda Indonesia, commented, “We are delighted to announce that this world’s five star services will soon be available to guests flying to and from Mumbai. Our new service will connect seamlessly India and Indonesia, and offer the comfort, convenience and superior inflight service for travellers between Jakarta and Mumbai.”

He emphasised that there are strong economic partnerships as well as numerous social, cultural, and tourism relations between Indonesia and India, and the launching of this new service will further boost those activities amongst the two countries, whilst forging an even more solid bridge in enhancing the future partnership between India and Indonesia, which are now two of Asia’s new economic powerhouses.

Indonesia is currently one of the largest markets to India with 350,000 people currently travelling to the region on both business and leisure. This new direct route will not only boost the economic activities between the two countries, but also help towards meeting the Indonesian government’s target to increase inbound tourism to Indonesia from India.

With Mumbai, Garuda Indonesia adds the Indian subcontinent to its network. Mumbai is the main port of India and is an important hub for the import and export sector. For tourists, the rich history of Mumbai makes it worth a visit, but it is also a good starting point to visit the rest of the country.

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