February 7, 2018: UPS has expanded its services in India under its International Special Commodities (ISC) program wherein customers would be able to ship biological substances, dangerous goods in excepted quantities, and shipments utilizing dry ice via UPS. The services have been expanded to 50 additional international destinations, which brings the total number of countries served by UPS’s dangerous goods service to more than 100.

This latest expansion is a direct response to growing demands from biopharmaceutical manufacturers, diagnostics companies, laboratories, distributors and care providers to ship specialized commodities when security, time and temperature control are a high priority.

UPS is now able to pick up and deliver packages under regulation UN3373 (Biologic Substances, Category B, Diagnostic Specimen and Clinical Specimen) as well as UN1845 (Carbon Dioxide, solid or dry ice) in the following 51 added countries and territories:

Afghanistan** Cyprus Kazakhstan Oman
Albania Djibouti Kenya Pakistan‡
Aruba Egypt Kuwait Qatar
Bahrain El Salvador Lebanon Saipan (Northern Mariana Islands)**‡
Barbados Ethiopia Liberia** Senegal
Belarus Georgia, Republic Of Macedonia Sri Lanka
Bosnia Herzegovina Guam Malawi Tanzania
Botswana** Guatemala Malta Togo**
Brunei India Moldova Trinidad & Tobago
Burkina Faso** Iraq Montenegro Uganda
Cameroon Ivory Coast Namibia** Zambia
Costa Rica† Jamaica New Caledonia** Zimbabwe
Curacao Jordan Nigeria  

UN3373 and UN1845 are guidelines issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to regulate the safe transportation of goods using air transportation modes.

“This network expansion demonstrates our ongoing investments to continually build out an optimized supply chain to meet our customers’ demands,” said Dan Gagnon, UPS vice president of global healthcare strategy. “As specimen logistics get more complex globally, organizations will need to rely on streamlined, end-to-end solutions that can help transport sensitive goods on time, undamaged and within temperature range.”

Healthcare and life science companies shipping high-value, time- and temperature-sensitive shipments to, from and within the US and global markets have access to UPS Proactive Response™ Secure – a solution combining shipment monitoring and risk management to help mitigate product spoilage. The service helps critical shipments reach their destinations even if unexpected events occur, and covers potential losses if products are damaged or spoiled.

** Import delivery only

† Export airport drop-off only (no pick up)

‡ UN1845 Dry Ice Does Not Apply

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