May 23, 2017: Lufthansa Cargo has garnered the DQS German Award for Excellence in the Environmental Responsibility category. The award winners were announced at the DQS Sustainability Conference 2017 at Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf. To further encourage businesses to make a commitment to the environment, DQS has launched awards for specific corporate activities. The awards were conferred in different categories with a focus on sustainability, including Sustainable Leadership, Responsible Sourcing, Social Engagement (International) and Environmental Responsibility.

The Ops Monitor and Efficiency Gap Analyser (OMEGA) is a tool that uses data collected during cargo flights to make future flights more efficient. Hence, the tool pays directly into Lufthansa Cargo’s environmental responsibility strategy. By comparing projected, actual and optimal values, it provides key information for reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Pilots can use the analysis to optimally prepare for a flight and identify any deviations from the plan early on. The software was developed by software specialist Aviaso together with Lufthansa. Special applications have been added for Lufthansa Cargo, such as in the area of trim evaluation.

Bettina Jansen, Head of Environmental Management, said, “Lufthansa Cargo has set itself ambitious goals in the field of climate and environmental responsibility. We are delighted to have received an award for OMEGA as one of our numerous measures aimed at improving the ecological efficiency of flight operations and achieving our targets.”

Until 2020 Lufthansa Cargo wants to reduce specific carbon emissions by 25 percent based on the level for 2005. This goal is to be met by all kinds of operational and technical measures. Significant carbon reductions have already been achieved in recent years by modernising the fleet and reducing onboard weight, to name a few examples.

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